How to Swap IP Address between 2 Domain Controllers: A Complete Guidance

You want to swap an IP address between 2 domain controllers but you don’t know how? Don’t worry as you have come to the right place! Check out our complete guidance and learn how to do it quickly and efficiently!

In this article, we are going to show you how to swap an IP address between 2 domain controllers. So, there are generally 2 methods you can use to switch the IP address.

  1. If System Administrator has set up a new operating system and would like to restore the old DC.
  2. If one of the websites is closed and DC has been transferred to a new website with new IP subnet.

We are going to present you the IP swap for a website that we have set a new OS up. We are going to do an IP swap between Windows 20120 and Windows 20118 Domain Controllers.

What is necessary for this task?

  • Get Temp IP from the exact same subnet range
  • Check if the DC is used for exchange server.
  • Ensure you change DNS IP in DHCP after the IP swap.
  • Check DRAC IP or VMware ESXi host references

In order to start the procedure, login into DRAC and then take the remote control of the server. Go to Run and enter ncpa.cpl so you can open Network Properties Window. With a right click, open Network Adapter and then select Properties. Select IPv4 and click Properties. Now change the current IP address with Temp IP address.

Go to the DNS Manager and with right click choose DC hostname. Again, click on Properties. Choose Interface tab and click “Only the following IP address”. Select the Temp IP address. Enter command ipconfig/flushdns & ipconfig/ registerdns. Click on the and click Properties. Choose Name Servers and check if the Temp IP address has been updated.

With right click on and Properties. Select Name Servers and check if IP address has been updated. Take the console of Windows 2012 DC from DRAC and change the IP address to first DC. Open the DNS manager on Windows 2012 and click on –, click Properties, and select Name Servers tab. Insert FQDN of the DC and click Resolve. Select, click on Properties and select Name Server Tab. Change Windows 2008 DC IP address with Windows 2012 IP address. The IP swap is now completed.

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