How to Move Your Domain from One Domain Registrar to Another

You want to move your domain name from one domain registrar to another but you don’t know how? Don’t worry as you have come to the right place! Check out this article and find all the information you need!

Transferring your domain from one registrar to another is easy, especially if you are familiar with the steps. In this article, we are going to show you how you can complete the movement process.

There are a few important things you need to do before the transferring process. The first thing you need to do is to follow our steps and access the domain settings. Please keep in mind that the navigation and the options may be different from one host service provider to another.

  • Log into your account
  • Select Domains in the menu (this is usually at the top of the page)
  • Find the domain name you want to transfer
  • A few tabs will appear which you will use to check and update your settings. These tabs are Main, Renewal Options, Contacts, Privacy Options, Name Servers, Transfer EPP, and Lock.

The contact data are usually included on the domain name’s record in the WHOIS database. During the transfer, the gaining domain registrar will use the data on the domain name’s record to email important information regarding the transfer. That is why you need to ensure the contact data is correct. If you want or if you need to update your domain name’s contact information you need to open the Contacts tab. This tab is usually located to the right and you need to pay closer attention to the boxes registrant, admin, and billing.

If you have privacy as a feature, you should know that it must be disabled or paused in order for the domain transfer to be successful. By pausing privacy you will unblock the contact information of your domain in the public WHOIS database and the gaining domain registrar will be able to contact you.

The domain names are locked automatically to prevent unauthorized transfers. However, you need to unlock your domain before the transfer. Click the Lock tab and if your domain is locked, unlock it.

You should know that domain transfers may take up to five days or week to complete. Once the domain transfer is pending, you can accelerate the process by approving it manually.

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