How to Sell Your Unused Domain Name: 5 Great Tips to Follow

Sell Your Unused Domain Name and Make Some Extra Profit

Buying and selling domain names is apparently a huge trend these days. You can buy a domain name on registrars such as Shopify. But you can also make a huge profit by selling domain names, especially if you have your own strategy of selling them. However, there are many entrepreneurs and domain owners who don’t know how to sell their domain names. We are talking about unused domain names that can bring you some extra profit and a great way to earn some money on the side.

In this article, we are going to share with you some tips on how to sell your unused domain name.

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  1. Increase the Value of Your Domain Name – Before you start the process of selling, it is highly recommendable to have some idea how much your domain can worth. With the huge range or prices that domain names go for at online auctions, it can be pretty challenging to predict the value of the domain. There are a few ways that can help you estimate the value of the domain and increase that value at the same time. There are many domain name registrars such as GoDaddy and etc. that offer tools that can help you estimate and increase the value of your domain.
  2. Determine Your Keyword Value – Before you sell your domain, you need to determine its keyword value. One of the crucial driving forces of keyword value is how many individuals are searching Google or other search engines for an exact name search of that keyword. There are a several simple and quick ways to determine the keyword value of your domain. We recommend you to use Google Adwords. You can enter the words that create your domain and you will get the results back. If the words have high search numbers, it means that your domain could bring in a whole lot of organic visitors and search traffic.
  3. Develop a Vision for Your Domain – There are many reasons for someone who is interested in your domain name to fall for a convincing story. If they are planning on starting their own personal website, blog, an e-commerce site and etc. you need to create a vision for their plan in order to sell your domain easier. Make sure to mention all the amazing things they could do with your domain.
  4. Check the Average Domain Prices – Once you’ve created a vision and story for your domain, the next thing you need to do is to calculate the value of your domain. You need to check the average domain prices so you can determine the value you can expect from your domain.
  5. List Your Domain Name for Sale – Top domain marketplaces are definitely the best option for listing your domain name for sale. The transaction is handled by a reliable company, so you can rest assured knowing that your name is in the hands of professionals.

So, are you ready now to sell your unused domain name?